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Hippo Momma!

Right on the tail of Wrecking Ball, Zina Camblin teamed up with Composer David Kisor to re-create the beginnings of Fiona the Hippo, a beloved uplifting local story. They wrote the role of Bibi for me – Fiona’s mother. It was a terrific sensation, telling the story of Fiona, a pre-mature Hippo, an underdog, “othered” by the other animals and finding her strength and intention despite the bullying and trials.

I have been doing the holiday shows in this slot (Oct through Dec) for a little over 20 years. When we presented this one to the children we serve through the Fairy Godmother Program, you would have thought we were the most incredible rock band ever seen. I have never heard such a response, and it told me that these children saw themselves someplace on screen!


Photography: Ryan Kurtz