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Fun Home: The reviews are in!

Fun Home

Photo by Ryan Kurtz


“Sara Mackie, an ETC regular, plays Alison’s mother, Helen, who suffers mostly silently from her husband’s closeted indiscretions. She escapes by playing the piano (Mackie actually plays). Her performance of the heartbreaking “Days and Days,” in which Helen breaks down and recounts the compromises her marriage has forced upon her, is especially memorable.”

Talkin’ Broadway

“This may be Sara Mackie’s best performance at ETC. As Alison’s mother Helen she captures the tortured nature of the character and impresses with her performance of ‘Days and Days.'”

Broadway World

Sara Mackie as Helen builds the song masterfully, and just when you think she has nowhere else to go, she builds it more, blowing your hair back with emotion and power. Bravo!

The Sappy Critic

“It’s also about time that Sara Mackie (“Helen Bechdel”) is able to shine in the kind of role she’s perfect for … [H]er musical number “Days and Days” belies the passionate woman in need of catharsis. Mackie is just exquisite – and the opening night audience offered a well deserved extended applause break in appreciation.”